Best Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations


Once the big day of the wedding is done, most of the couples head straight to honeymoon.  With a chance to visit some places and travel together for a romantic trip is a dream for the many couples.  But there is problem as the couples spend most of the money in wedding, so then they will overlook for places which they can afford for honeymoon destination. Below places are provided with best honeymoon destinations on a budget.


This place is famous honeymoon spots for couples on any budget. Bali has got best accommodation like resort style and even got beautiful beaches to visit within the reach with a decent budget-friendly price. The couples can see the romantic sunsets on the coast side, jungle Vibes in Ubud, unwind in a yoga class and have an amazing food experience they afford.


Croatia is situated in the Europe which has good Mediterranean that influences mesh in this beautiful country. The Istria region is the special place for romantic getaway which provides high price hotels, coastlines and winelands providing world-class experience in wine and food.


A heat, tropical getaway in Mexico is the place if the couples are looking for some romance. Riviera Maya is situated on the east coast of Mexico, on the banks of Caribbean Sea. The town of Tulum is best place to visit for amazing destination to have for honeymoon because of the backdrop the place. Even couples can go to playa Del Carmen for beautiful resorts, amazing good seafood dinning and have an ice-cold margarita.


This place has got some special things for every kind of couple who visit the country. If the couples are looking for big-city nightlife in Bangkok, temples in Chiang Mai or looking for some islands the couples can visit Koh Phi Phi and many more places to discover. Even Couples can visit the Thai Bungalow under the moonlight as they can fall in love with this place.


With lovely climate around the year, the Portugal gives the couple extraordinary honeymoon experience. So the couples can have beautiful time satisfying them with amazing cuisine, elegance wine, lovely beaches or enjoying at a romantic resort.


The Canada is known for best honeymoon destinations on a budget and definitely must visit place, if the couples are adventurous. Then they can go for biking, hiking and fishing where the couples can find in this country. Lake Louise situated in Banff National Park has a beautiful and romantic destination for honeymoon couples. The Lake Louise can be the perfect destination for honeymoon couples.


Belize is known for the land of sea. Scuba diving, waterfall treks, and wonderful natural beauty are the sights in Belize, making it an amazing honeymoon vacation spot.

Costa Rica

This place is known for amazing seashores and the world’s classical flora and fauna will be the backdrop to the honeymoon couples over here. The couples can go to scuba diving, white water rafting and even head to the sandy beaches and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Mediterranean Cruise

If the couples are interested in visiting Europe on honeymoon trip but the budget is out of the target. Then try considering a cruise around the Mediterranean during the Off-season months. So that couples will accommodation, transportation and meals, even the couples can discover new places everyday when they wake up.

These are places listed for honeymoon vacation spots after marriage. Hope I have covered all the topics in my article regarding best honeymoon destinations on a budget.  Even try searching for countries where you can budget-friendly and amazing places to look around for.

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