Best Cameras for You tube Bloggers

Blogging is now has become very famous and is done by many people now. You tube has become very famous for bloggers now. The video content is now trending from bloggers. For best videos you need to have best cameras. In this article we have mentioned best camera for Youtube Vloggers.

  • Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II – Its tagline is ‘power to people’. Type – Compact, Sensor size – 1.0 type, resolution – 20.1 MP, connectivity – Wi-Fi and NFC. Despite of being convenient it is also very fast. It gives the excellent stills quality. It has 5 axis stabilization and tilting touchscreen.

  • Canon EOS 77D – Type – DSLR, Resolution – 24.2 MP, connectivity – WiFi, blue tooth and NFC. It has great vari angle touchscreen, dual pixel CMOS autofocus. The CMOS feature enables faster and more effective autofocus in movie capture, especially for moving objects. The screen is fully articulated.
  • Fujifilm X-A5 – Type – Mirrorless, Resolution – 24.2 MP, Connectivity – Wifi, Blue tooth. It has smart slefie mode, power zoom kit lens option. LCD screen flips 360 degree.  It has high speed movies feature also with slow motion playback.
  • Go Pro Hero 7 Black – Type – Action, Resolution – 12 MP, Connectivity – Wifi, Blue tooth. It has rugged body, superb stabilisation. It has new microphone for better audio quality. It is mainly used while shooting for jogging, moving scenes. If you want to livestream in facebook or twitter, you can do it in this camera.

  • Nikon D5600 – Type – DSLR, Resolution – 24.2 MP, Connectivity – Wifi, Nfc, Blue tooth. It has fully articulated screen. It is small and lightweight and easy to handle. It looks very goof and great focus lenses. This can be surely considered as best camera for Youtube vloggers.
  • Olympus Pen EPL9 – Type – Mirror less, Resolution – 16.1 Mp, Connectivity – Wifi, Blue tooth. It is very stylish and simple. It is very compact and easy to handle. It gets easily paired with mobile phones.
  • Olympus Tough Tg Tracker – Type – Action, Resolution – 7.2 MP, Connectivity – Wifi. It is action packed and weather proofed. It is waterproof which makes it more handy. It has built in ultra wide prime lens which enables a fixed focus.

All these come under the list of best camera for Youtuube vloggers. We hope this article will help you to buy the best camera according to your needs and preferences. Always look for the features of the camera before the price. Keep shooting and getting likes.